2018 SNOWY Images
These images are by Andy Dennis (well done Andy).
If you have images you can share, please let me, Meghan, know at


Snowy 2017 – Images

We are so thankful to those photographers who have allowed us to post their images below. These photos showcase the talent of our competitors and also the mastery and creativity of the individuals behind the lenses too. Please enjoy these and if you choose to refer to them or post them, make sure you give credit to the photographers who took the time to capture them. And if you want to purchase high res versions, please talk to the photographers directly through their contact details listed below.

Sunday 11 June and Monday 12 June 2017

Images from the inspiring @mxmsurfphoto. Check out more outstanding photos from the SNOWY here

More images from Monday…

And how fortunate are we that Chris Eyre-Walker was at the beach and captured the action too?! The beautiful images below are from:

IG: @chriseyrewalker
FB: Chris Eyre-Walker Photography

Saturday 10 June 2017 (aka the washing machine)

Images from the lovely and super talented Olitas:) Check out more of her posts here: @Olitas 

And more photos from the talented Jahva Gray an avid surfer and photographer…

Snowy Gallery 2015

Photos by Di Ellis

(click to enlarge)

Photos by Olitas

(click to enlarge)

Photos by Sam Stevenson

(click to enlarge)

Snowy Gallery 2014

Photos by Andrea Parra (Parraphoto)

(click to enlarge)

Snowy Gallery 2013

Photos by Valentina Adeline (Olitas)
(click to enlarge)

Snowy Gallery 2013

Photos by Andrea Parra (Parraphoto)

(click to enlarge)

2012 Snowy McAlister


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