Log Criteria

*photo by Olitas

Board Criteria

  • All boards must be 9 foot plus
  • Single fin only with no provision for any other configuration
  • No legrope
  • Minimum weight 8 kgs
  • No hard rails nose to tail
  • No resin edge down to the tail

Judging Criteria

Traditional style, grace and flow linking traditional manoeuvres in continual motion. Drop knee and reverse drop knee turns, nose riding, tube riding, re-entries, delayed floaters.

Old Mal is judged on the grace and style of the rider completing a repertoire of functional manoeuvres within the pocket of the wave.

Log riding is judged on a Traditional Criteria with continual motion, style and grace in the critical section of the wave.

We are looking for flowing, controlled turns…. nose riding and stylish graceful manoeuvres.

High scoring potential is placed on Technical Noseriding “only when executed in a clean flowing motion” & linking your next manoeuvre into your repertoire.

We are judging on Traditional Surfing, “Not Radical Harsh Manouvres”.

All competitors boards will be weighed.

Competitors must have their boards checked at least two heats before surfing, and cannot surf unless boards are checked NO EXCEPTIONS.

Competitors are expected to act in a sportsman like manner at all times.

Competitors must wear a contest rashie with sponsors logos showing.

Breaking these rules will result in immediate disqualification of the event.


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