And the winners are…

What a weekend! The SNOWY was a resounding success thanks to the MMBC, sponsors, countless volunteers, awesome competitors, the Manly community and all the visitors who came out to support the sport. A GIANT THANK YOU!

Each heat was hard fought and hard won because we had such stellar competitors. Spectators were able to see sheer talent and both the strength and beauty of the sport.

For those who could not join us at the presentation, the winners:

  • The Cunningham’s Open Men’s division – Nic Jones
  • The Professional Salon Suppliers Open Women’s division – Kirra Seale
  • The Four Elements’ Open Juniors division – Jackson Detmold
  • The Okanui Open Log division – Christian Pimm
  • The Four Elements Junior Log division – Keyo Rhodes
  • The Bennett Surfboards Over 50 Log division – Lynden Riley (El Presidente!)
  • The Maui Jim Old Mal division – Lawrence Harkness
  • Mystery division – Tom Oliver
  • The Adrenalin Over 35s division – Christian Pimm
  • The Adrenalin Over 45s division – Jason Livingston
  • The Captain Sip Sop’s Over 55s division – Paul O’Grady

And one more giant thanks to our awesome sponsors!!

*If you took pictures on the day, we would love to post them. Please send them to Meghan Knox at baylormegs@hotmail.com.

These out of this world images are by the talented @mxmsurfphoto. Check out more stunning images from the SNOWY here




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