The 2015 CJ ‘Snowy’ McAlister Winter Longboarding Festival

2015 Snowy wrap

The 2015 CJ ‘Snowy’ McAlister Winter Surfing Festival has been run and won in what must be one of the best June long weekends yet! The weekend started with a flurry of rain on Saturday morning before the event started, followed by beautiful clear blue skies for the rest of the weekend. We had some waves with a nice three foot swell with a couple of larger sets for Saturday. The swell dropped a little on Sunday but still, we had waves all day. Usually, by Monday of the June long weekend the weather has deteriorated into a sideways howling winter monsoon, showering the tents with mud making for a messy bump-out, but this weekend Huey and Snowy were smiling down at us with outstanding weather for Monday. Unfortunately you can’t have everything and the swell dropped right off to about one foot on Monday for the finals. This wasn’t enough to take the shine off a wonderful weekend though, as conditions held up for the morning with light offshore winds glassing the water for some top quality surfing with even a couple of perfect tens in a nail-biter finish in the Open log. All of the divisions were hotly contested with some titles defended, whilst others were certainly taken away. The results will be posted on the Snowy website very soon.

Off the water was also a great success with plenty of action going on at the beach. Ritchie Lovett and the crew from FCS, a well-known icon in the surfing game, were at the beach not only supporting the Snowy, but also demonstrating their new screw-less centre fin for longboards. Many of our sponsors made an appearance with quite a few actually surfing in the event. A special thank you to our wonderful mayor Jean Hay AM who was not only at the beach enjoying the show but also presented the women’s first place trophy to Lara Murphy at the presentation.

The list of people to thank is quite long but here it is. A big thank you to all the Manly Malibu Club committee, without their help this contest simply would not happen, so a huge pat on the back to Cam Gray, Lynden Riley, Andy Dennis, Jack Entwistle, Jack Daniels, Tommy Wentworth Meghan Knox and Liz Dene, they have all been there from day one with their help, ideas and support.

Our sponsors are the ones who fund this event and provide either directly or indirectly all of the great prizes, so thanks to John Cunningham and his crew, the team from Bennett Surfboards, Jason Hogg, from SA Hair, Nail and Beauty Supplies, Nick Stevens from Guzman y Gomez, Tim Reilly from Four elements sports coaching, Rob Garret from Maui Jim, Steve and Meghan Knox from Orbiting Normal, Michael MacPherson from the New Brighton Hotel and Mark and Julie Preece from the Manly Longboard Co. These companies were our division sponsors so please support them as they support us.

I’d also like to thank a few others for making it happen, Trevor and Nikki Drake from Solid Racks and the Drake Foundation, Andy from Dripping Wet, Dave Ryan from Vanimo Surf Lodge, Justin Bevan from Foam Symetry and John Brasen from Pacific Longboarder. Thanks also to Colin Gow and all of the judges who take this contest to the next level with their professional approach. Spencer Edwards for the water photography, The Oliver family, the Gray family, in particular Kenny and Deb who alongside Paul Wyton and Andy Dennis kept our energy levels up with delicious food from the BBQ tent all weekend. Ben Brown and Andrea Parra, for their artistic help with posters etc. Lex Evan’s was next to me on the microphone most of the weekend keeping us entertained with his surfing knowledge and dry wit. Lastly, lots of love and thank you to my wife Nicole and my girls Chelsea and Loxley for giving me the time to get the Snowy together. Hopefully they will start to recognise me again in the next couple of days! his list could keep going but if I have missed someone that should be thanked … THANK YOU!

So that’s it for another year, we hope to see you all again next year for the 29th Snowy. Thanks for being a part of it and I hope you enjoyed the contest as much as we enjoy putting it on. See you in the water.






Here it comes! The Snowy 2015 is now in its 28th year and will be held once again at Manly Beach on the June long weekend 6-8th June.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Manly Malibu Club and the 28th running of the Snowy and even the 100th anniversary of surfing in Australia. We are taking the Snowy back to its roots this year, so prize money is out , but, competitor packs filled with goodies from our wonderful sponsors are in, with some great prizes on offer and of course … the famous Snowy trophy for the finalists!

The usual events that go with the Snowy including a Saturday night party and the final presentation will be held at our club HQ, the New Brighton Hotel. Details to be advised.

Along with the usual events we will also be holding a tandem surfing event with heats and a final. The tides are with us this year so if the surf is on, (and when isn’t it at the Snowy!) we should be in for some spectacular longboard surfing once again at Manly this year!

Entry forms are ready to print now so get yours in and keep an eye on this site and our facebook page leading up to the Snowy for more details. Don’t forget, divisions fill up fast so make sure you get your entry in early.

The ‘Snowy’ McAlister will run over three days and feature the always-popular junior as well as men’s and women’s open and age divisions, plus plenty of off-beach fun throughout the contest. As a national surfing reserve with over 100 years of rich surfing heritage, Manly constantly delivers fine waves throughout winter. So get ready for a huge weekend of surfing action from June 6-8 in celebration of the 28th Annual CJ ‘Snowy’ McAlister Winter Surfing Festival.

Snowy 2015 entry1
Please send cheques and/or money order to:

Manly Malibu Boardriders Club
Collaroy Beach NSW 2097

Please make sure you include your email address as well as your full name and postal address so that we can confirm your ticket payment by email.



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